-- Safelist Strategies

Safelist Strategies

Learn to Use Safelists Effectively.


A safelist is an email program allowing members to send email ads to other members. You
earn viewing credits by looking at other members websites/offers.

First you must accept the terms and conditions of the safelists you have joined and agree to
accept emails from both admin and other members.

Credits are earned when you click a link inside the email. Once you have viewed the site displayed
for x number of seconds you receive x number of credits.

Some safelists require an additional step after the timer has counted down. This step requires
you to match the icon with the one shown. They can be numbers, animals, flowers, etc.

Examples shown below show the area where you need to match the icon. The second image
shows the amount of credits you received.

While the third one which is found at the bottom of the view screen shows the number of clicks
you have done for the day and amount of credits earned for the day.

Take note of the banner and text link for more eyes on your offer.




One of the benefits of a safelist is if you have enough credits, you can purchase banner views
and text link views that show up in the timer bar of the site you are viewing. Another form
of getting your offer seen.

The biggest benefit of safelists is the free membership. Although, as a free member depending
on the safelist, you may only be able to send an advert out once every 48 to 72 hours.

Upgraded memberships are available that allow you to mail more often. They often times come
with x number of credits per month. A higher value credit on emails you view and extra
things like banners/text links.

Some offer an affiliate commission if you refer others that upgrade or buy advertising.

These memberships come in several forms. The cheapest way to upgrade is to do a monthly
subscription. Yearly and lifetime memberships are offered at some places and prices vary
from low to high.

For those just starting out, I highly suggest you make a gmail account that you use specifically
for safelists. Otherwise, your important emails if you use your personal email addy will be lost
in the unending amount of adverts going into your account.

One thing to keep in mind, always check your spam folder for emails.

If you have never used a safelist, the first thing you are going to want to do is view emails for
credit. Build your credits up and then start advertising your offers.

Alternatively, you could purchase credits if it is in your budget. You could, also upgrade but do
not be to quick to do so until you are sure you like the safelist program.

Here is a short video on how to set up your safelists folders in your gmail account for easier
access to the mails you want.

After starting video, you can click the broken square in the bottom right corner for full screen.

Brief Overview of Safelist Timers and How I Manage Doing My Safelist Mails

Short Video on Do's and Dont's of Your Adverts


When submitting an Advert to a safelist or any other advertising venue, your goal is to
pique interest. You do this by having your headline (subject title) pose a question to the viewer.

The idea is to pose a question and offer a solution to the viewer. The body of your ad should
be to the point. Do not and I repeat do not give them the answer in your ad copy.

You want the viewer to move on to the next page and be interested enough to fill out the form
on your landing page. At this point, you can send them to your page, but it is best to give them
a simple thank you page.

Your autoresponder will automatically send them a welcome email where you can go over the
problem and how you have the solution with more details and from there send them to your webpage.

If you do not have an autoresponder with landing page that's ok. In that case you still want to solve
a problem they may have. Your email body should still remain short and sweet. Giving them key points
so that when they go directly to the website they may be more inclined to join you.

For example, say you belong to an awesome safelist and you want to gain referrals. Your subject
or headline could be: "Do You Need More Eyes On Your Website?"

Then the body of the ad would be something like:
This site is giving me x number of views per day! I have gained x number of leads! Give it a Try!
Sign your name and boom, done!

A site I use to check the effectiveness of my headlines is Headline Analyzer
Scores rank from zero to 100. A score of 50 and above means you have a good headline. Make sure to write down those headlines with scores of 50 and above!


Subject/Headline should pose a problem the viewer may have.

Ad Body should offer a solution without giving away to much information. Remember "kiss",
keep it short silly.

Do not make lengthy ads. People do not like scrolling to find the credit link and most likely will not
bother reading your beautifully detailed advert.

Example of an Ad that wastes your time creating as most will not read it.

Do not give away to much information. You need to pique curiosity! You need to offer a solution
to their problem.


This is very important for you to understand so you do not get upset and overly frustrated!

It is said that it takes a viewer at minimum of seeing an ad 7-10 times before they will take action.

Do not be discouraged. It boils down to a numbers game. The more you consistently pack your pipe,
meaning sending daily ads, the more likelyhood you will start seeing results.

Right now, you are focused on safelist advertising. We will discuss landing pages and autoresponders
in another section. For now, you need to focus especially if you are new on consistently sending out ads.


Your number one goal in using a safelist or any form of advertising is to build your list!

The old adage is "Your List is Where the Money is." Top earners in online marketing all have huge
lists. Literally, they have thousands upon thousands of subscribers.

Now, they did not get that list overnight, nor will you. It is a process that can be slow and tedious.

Your list is where you will send people information of value and your offers.

More on this subject under landing pages and autoresponders.

Do not get discourage, Rome wasn't built in a day! Success can be yours with dedication,
consistency and time!

Text Ad Sites

The next short video is about text ad sites. I do not recommend these as they fill your
inbox and do not give you the traffic you need.

Exception to Text Ad Sites Rule.

If you want solo ads to send out every day at multiple sites, this is a must listen to.


The following safelists are listed in the order of which give the best results.
Occassionally, they flip flop a little in rank, but for the most part these are my go to sites.

If you continue to follow my site, as time moves forward, this list will change.
Sites, no longer performing will be removed.

A quick note about upgrades. Do your due diligence before upgrading at any safelist,
especially when it comes to the higher priced upgrades. Your money may be better spent purchasaing an Ad at any number of Solo-ad sites. I am upgraded at some of the sites listed. I will tell you why at each one.


-Is Fairly New
-Has Over 6,000 Members
-Unique in that you Read Ads on the site
-Has Affordable Upgrade, if you take the 3 Month Subscription
-Your Ads will be Seen here!

Advertising For Success

-Owner in Biz, Long Time
-New Mobile Feature
-Weekly Contests
-No Icon to Match
-Inbox Not Flooded
Con: Can't Mail Daily


-Owner Designs Own Script, Unique
-Over 100,000 Members
-Affordable Lifetime Upgrade
-No Icons to Match

Easy Peasy Mailer

-Simple to Use
-Does not take forever to gain credits to mail
-Mails go to entire data base
-Affordable upgrades

Anytime Mailer

-Owned by Land Marketing Group
-Mail anytime you have enough credits
-Great site for free and upgraded members
-Affordable upgrades, (lifetime only)

Responsive Mail Marketing

-Not a large memberbase but gets decent results like big sites
-Affordable monthly upgrade allows you to mail daily
-Activity Points
-VTG (viral traffic game approved) do not need to be a member, but can earn extra credits, banner and text impressions


Big Mailer

-Delivers views to your site like bigger sites.
-A very Affordable Lifetime Upgrade $10
-Mail Anytime with credits

Elite Traffic System

-More of a text ad site, however...
-Take the one time upgrade $37 and receive monthly promo codes for solo ads.
-With the upgrade that promo will work at the sister sites without upgrading at them
-It totals approx 530 Solo Ads per month if a member at all his sites.
This is an unbeatable upgrade and valuable.

The Evolution Mailer

-Paid 50 cents per english speaking country referral
-Affordable Lifetime Upgrade
-Mail Daily



-Huge Membership Base
-No Icons to Match
-Affordable, Upgrade Lifetime
-Over 79,000 Members

A Look Inside of Herculist.

European Safelist

-Around a Long Time
-Over 16,000 Members
-$7 Monthly Upgrade
-Includes Autoresponder
-And 500 Leads Monthly
-1 Solo per Month to All
-Landing Page Creator

USA Largest Safelist

-Pays 50 cents/referral
-Must speak English
-Pays on Free Members
-$5 Payout
-Over 30,000 Members
-Mail Daily
-Affordable Upgrades

Traffic Hog Success

Newly Released
Run by an experienced owner

Advertising for Today

Owned by Marty
Another good site